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Become a part of IMPAG Group.

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Monica Bernardi
Räffelstrasse 12
8045 Zurich, Switzerland

Top Employer 2022: Renewed award for IMPAG Switzerland 

The decisive factor for this prestigious award is the extensive evaluations by the employees of IMPAG Switzerland. We particularly value the Swiss Employer Award because it is the most meaningful one for determining employer attractiveness in Switzerland. In a scientifically developed questionnaire, each employee answers 60 questions. In 2022, the response rate at IMPAG was over 93%, which allows for a very representative assessment.

We are pleased about the award, are proud of the result and want to become even better!

The employee survey on which the award is based is a valuable tool for us to recognise and record positive evaluations as well as points of criticism from employees and to use them as a basis for improvement. The results of the survey have therefore already been analysed and discussed with the respective teams. Workshops were held to identify potential for improvement, and measures were planned and implemented. This is entirely in line with our corporate slogan "together unique" because this is how we can develop together! 

IMPAG Switzerland obtains Award

The team of IMPAG Group – «together unique»?

We work with each other and support each other - and we are «together unique»!

Get an insight by watching our image film!

Corporate IMPAG film

...are we also unique in our logistic services?

In 2020, our thourougly renovated logistics centre opened its doors. It is a modern workplace of our logistics team.

We invite you to watch the video to see how work is done in the logistics centre! 




We tackle complex tasks with a solution-oriented approach.

“What I like about working at IMPAG is not just the great deal of self-initiative and entrepreneurial spirit but also the approach to find long-lasting and pragmatic solutions to the customers real challenges. This makes work not just fruitful and educational but also very rewarding.”

Dominik Inderbitzin, Managing Director / Member of the Mgmt. Board, IMPAG AG, Switzerland

Being competent is one of the important factors for success.


We pursue our goals with enthusiasm, energy and endurance.

"Passion at IMPAG means getting things moving, developing ideas and implementing them together. Enthusiasm, energy and perseverance help to courageously tackle and achieve both corporate and personal goals. Passion at IMPAG also means contributing every day, learning a lot and having the necessary courage to inspire others for your project. Above all, this courage meets with fun and joy and is rewarded again and again with shared great moments."

Julia Menk, Operations Director, IMPAG Import GmbH, Germany

Passion for their work is creating a good atmosphere.


We act in accordance with our company values.

"I joined IMPAG AG in the beginning of 2018 and was immediately supported by a friendly and professional team. Great team spirit, flat hierarchy or ability to take decisions are promoted on a daily basis. I can experience common values by working here, like respect and integrity .Employees’ well-being is essential to IMPAG AG, makes working here really very pleasant.”

Eric Müller, Customer Service Performance Chemicals, IMPAG AG, Switzerland

Acting with integrity is very important in the working world.


We are fair and respectful in all our dealings with colleagues, business partners and others.

"Working at IMPAG means enjoying unrestricted trust in your own expertise and having the organisational framework to realise your professional ideas and goals. Motivation and initiative meet respect in daily interaction, appreciation for the present moment and room for development for the future". 

Stefan Wendy, Managing Director, IMPAG GmbH, Austria

Respectful interaction with all contacts is close to our heart.



IMPAG cares!

We live social and community involvement. In line with our corporate value "respect", we involve our team in our donation activities and bring them closer to the organisations we support. 

In addition, all employees have the opportunity to participate in determining where our annual donations go.


Employees are involved in the decision making process.

EcoVadis Bronze Status

EcoVadis Bronze status recognises our performance in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This rating highlights and acknowledges our ongoing commitment to sustainable growth, environmental stewardship and ethical business practices. 

EcoVadis assesses the sustainability performance of companies in four categories: environment, work practices, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. 

In this context, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goes beyond simple compliance and addresses how companies manage their economic, social and environmental impacts and shape their relationships with stakeholders (e.g. employees, trading partners, etc.). 
Being awarded Ecovadis Bronze status shows that we are on the right track in terms of commitment to responsible behaviour. 


It shows performance in the area of corporate social responsibilit

Digital document management - contemporary and environmentally conscious

Since 2015, the IMPAG Group has been using a digital document management system that allows access to our business data independent of platform and location. 

As part of this process optimisation, we have also switched to fully digital order processing. 

This paperless processing speeds up access to documents, optimises organisational processes, reduces our paper consumption and provides quick and to the point availability of required files and information from anywhere; be it in the home office, on the road or in the office.

Documentmanagement allows for an almost paperless office.